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Blue background = Canon DSLR

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B33 - The Horsehead Nebula

B33 - The Horsehead/Flame area

Bubble Nebula, M52 & NGC7538 w/ Canon Xti

Cederblad 214

Comet Machholz

Deer Lick Galaxy Group - NGC7331, Stephen's Quintet

Veil nebula area (NGC6992)

IC 5146 - The Cocoon Nebula

IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula

IC2118 - The Witch Head Nebula

IC5070 - The Pelican Nebula

IC5146 - The Cocoon Nebula

IC5146 - The Cocoon Nebula SXV+10D

M1 - Crab Nebula Narrowband image

M1 - The Crab Nebula

M101 - 12.5" f/4.5


M13 - DSO 10" f/5

M13 - TEC 140

M16 - The Eagle Nebula

M16 - The Eagle Nebula

M20 - The Trifid Nebula

M27 - TEC 140

M27 - The Dumbell Nebula

M27 Narrowband

M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy

M31 with the Canon Xti


M42 - The Great Orion Nebula

M42 - The Great Orion Nebula and surrounds

M45 - The Pleiades

M51 - 10" f/5 DSO

M51 - Deep Shot

M51 - DSO 10" f/5 (350XT)

M51 with ST200XM in color

M57 - TEC140

M57 and surrouding envelope

M63 - Sunflower Galaxy

M64 - Blackeye Galaxy

M64 - The Blackeye Galaxy

M65 & M66 in Leo

M65, M66, NGC3628 - The Leo Trio of Galaxies

M66 in Leo


M76 - The Little Dumbell

M81 - Bodes Nebula

M81 & M82

M81 Up Close

M81&M82 with NP-101

M82 and M82 with Canon 300 f/4 x1.4


M97 - The Owl Nebula - 12.5" f/4.5

M97 and M108

Markarian's Chain with Sigma 150mm f/2.8

NGC 4565

NGC 7000 Wide field

NGC 7023 - The Iris Nebula

NGC1499 - The California Nebula

NGC1977 - The Running Man Nebula

NGC2237 - The Rosette Nebula (Mosaic)

NGC2264 - Christmas Tree Cluster/Cone Nebula/Foxfur Nebula

NGC253 - The Sculptor Galaxy

NGC281 - Pacman Nebula

NGC281 - The Pacman Nebula


NGC4038/4039 - Antenna Galaxies

NGC4656 (Crowbar Galaxy), NGC4631/NGC4627- Whale Galaxy

NGC5905, 5908 in Draco

NGC5985, 5982, 5981 in Draco

NGC6543 - The Cat's Eye Nebula

NGC6946 - The Fireworks Galaxy

NGC6992 portion of Veil

NGC6995 - Veil Nebula Complex

NGC7293 - The Helix Nebula

NGC7293 - The Helix Nebula


NGC7331 - Stephen's Quintet

NGC7635 - The Bubble Nebula

The Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146) and dark nebula Barnard 168

The Crescent Nebula (NGC6888)

The Elephant Trunk Nebula - VDB 142/IC1396A

VDB142 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula

Veil Nebula Complex - Inverse

West Veil nebula area (NGC6960)