NGC281 - Pacman Nebula

(click image for Full resolution image)

Date: 10/7/2006
Location: Ada, MI
Optics: 10" f/5 Certified DSO Newtonian w/ MPCC coma corrector

Mount: Tak NJP
Camera: Starlight Xpress SXV-H16 & SXV-H9
Exposure: Astronomik 13nm Ha filter - SXVH16 - 28x5min, SXVH9 - 17x5min (225 minutes total)

Note: Captured, dark and bias calibrated+bad pixel map (H16), hot pixel remova only (H9)l, aligned, SDMask combined in MaximDL. Final Processing in PS CS2.


Comparison between H16 using only bias and bad pixel map vs. full dark calibration+bad pixel map (17x5min)


Comparison of SXVH9 and SXVH16 at their native image scale (17x5min each)

Comparison of SXVH9 and SXVH16 with H9 image rescaled to match H16 pixel resolution (17x5min each)

NGC281 - Pacman Nebula