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Logitech Quickcam VC Mods

My original webcam of choice was a Logitech Quickcam VC. I have no idea about the usability of the other low end quickcams are similar in resolution, but this one does well, especially for a 320*240 camera. I also have a Philips ToUCam Pro now that I bought the LX-90. May have to keep this one around though, as it doesn't do too bad for Deep Space Objects. On to the modification...

What I did was cut (w/ dremel) most of the back off a rear lens cap from a Canon EOS lens and epoxied the edged of the bare QC circuit to it. It's almost a perfect fit. I then epoxied one of the halves of the QC shell to the back to protect the circuits and epoxied the USB cable to it as well, to prevent pulling out the contacts. Makes for a nice compact device. I also use a EOS Camera body cap to cover the QC when it's not in use. I then have a T-adapter ring that twists into the QC lens cap mount and attach it to the Meade rear T-mount. I usually put my 2x teleconverter between the QC and the T adapter as well to get more magnification.

A look at how the pieces fit together.


Fuzzy picture of the CCD.


Camera w/ 2x EOS teleconverter attached.


Everything put together in my normal configuration for the ETX-90.

This picture shows all of my accessories In the back are my 2x barlow and my camera adapter. I seldom use these anymore for taking pics, but I can attach the silver part of the camera adapter (the eyepiece sleeve) to the T-adapter ring (immediately to the right of the QC) to make it eyepiece mountable, and can then attach it to the barlow.