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ToUcam Pro Capturing Procedures

I actually just use the ToUcam's own VRecord SW to record images with the ToUcam pro. I usually set it to 640*480, set to 5 fps. I haven't done enough experimenting to be settled into any rules of thumb for exposure. The images are so nice, my rule of thumb is to just make them look nice on the screen, with good contrast and not too dull and not too blown out (overexposed). This raw picture from my 2/19 Jupiter effort seemed pretty good.

I set the capture file ahead of time and capture right to the harddrive. I take about 20 second to a minute .avi's, leading to about 100 to 300 frames. As long as the image is steady, I let it roll, but if it gets all jumpy, I just cut the capture there.

That's about all there is to is. I only use the full auto option to do the initial "finding" of the planet, as it gives the brightest image possible. After that, I back down to full manual and tinker until I'm happy.