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These images were taken with my Toucam Pro mounted to my LX-90 with f6.3 Focal reducer. I used the Autostar to track the Shuttle (with a little help from me). I tracked the ISS, which rose while the shuttle was setting, without assistance from the Autostar.

Shuttle 8/21/01, Toucam Pro

International Space Station 8/21/01, Toucam Pro



Ikeya-Zhang, ST-7E through TV-76, R=G=B=8x30sec (3/15/02)


Hale-Bopp 3/97(Kodak Gold 400)



Comet Linear C/2001 A2 - ST-5, 7/14/01


Comet Hyakutake 3/96 - Kodak Gold 400